Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Most people dream of living in the United States. People also tend to think of living in the richer and more famous states such as New York, San Francisco, Florida. California is also on the list of places where people want to go as this is where they can find famous Hollywood celebrities and great beaches to name a few.

The most luxurious areas in California, particularly in Los Angeles are on the West side. The most popular luxurious neighborhoods in Los Angele include the Hidden Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, and Malibu, to name a few.


Brentwood is an ideal place to raise a family because the entire neighborhood is relatively safe and peaceful. When deciding to buy a property in Brentwood, consider that the average listing price is $606,633, as indicated by Contacting a Brentwood real estate agent is the best thing to do as they will be able to provide you with a forecast of the housing market. Many Brentwood homes have pools and great outdoor landscaping. Food is not a problem as there are various restaurants offering different menus where locals come together. Pampering goals, fitness, and shopping for the family are easy to meet when in Brentwood as it has facilities for these.

Bel Air

Bel Air is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Bel Air is on the west side of LA and education is known to be important in this area. Most of the population have earned a four-year degree. Security and safety are maintained by the LA Police Department and the LA Fire Department. Owning a home in this area would mean $7,754,144 average price. However, these homes come with a library and walk-in closets.

Pacific Palisades

The home value in this area is at $4,359,760 for their penthouses with infinity pools. Pacific Palisades is surrounded with other luxurious neighborhoods like Brentwood, Malibu, and Santa Monica. Pacific Palisades has beautiful homes, a business district, country clubs, parks and recreational areas.

There are certain newcomers in the list as the most luxurious neighborhoods in Los Angeles which include Hidden Hills, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Malibu. Wherever you might choose to live, these neighborhoods provide the best homes and amenities in the entire state of California.

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

When into the process of buying your first home so many thoughts and emotions run through your head, like how big you want the house, the location and school district you want to put your kids in, what features you want in the house, etc…

Basically your dream home you always wanted: Here’s reality, most first time home buyers are getting in at the right time to buy a home that fits their needs, and when looking at homes you should be looking at the top 3 must haves in the house, on average and the basics are

-How Many bedrooms you need

-If it has a yard

-A light fixer or already in move in condition

Another mistake is not knowing what you need at the time, and you can be searching and searching, with months passing by and actually miss out on a great home that fits your needs and probably the interest rate just got higher which would cost you more money.

Remember you make the house a home, and your first home is usually your steppingstone to your dream home. Once you know what really matters to you and your family it’ll be easier to make the right decision on choosing your home. Once you’re in the home you can do whatever you want to it, and usually it’s over time you start adding what you like.

So start today and write a list of what you are looking for in a home and circle the top 3 items that are very important to you and give it to your Realtor or send me a copy with any questions you have.

Real Estate & Buying a Home for the First Time Concerns

Usually first time home buyers always have some fear about buying their home, here are some concerns:

I can’t afford to buy a home now: There is always a home you can afford to buy, it’s the what type of home and the location that will determine the price, with interest rates are at its lowest, you can’t afford to miss out, all we need to do is to shop around and find a home that meets your current needs and you can afford.

I should wait until the real estate market gets better: We don’t have a crystal ball to tell what is going to happen in years to come, the best way to know is to look at what is going on right now in the real estate market. If you wait too long you may miss out on a great deal or the home you fell in love with.

I can’t afford to buy my dream home: I hear this all the time, and the best way to get closer to buying your dream home is to buy your first home. The key here is building equity with your first home; usually you give up a little now to gain more at the end.

Buying a Home seems way too complicated: Yes, this is true, and that’s why you have help. That’s why you have a team of professionals at your side, from your Realtor to your mortgage officer and the professional who handles the closing, the key for us is to make your home purchase experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

In the end, the process of buying a home for the first time can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Opting for a “first time buyer” agent can do potential home owners a world of good in obtaining their first home. In the end, the best tip to remember is to go over ones options multiple times- and ask as many questions as possible before making any commitments